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"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it."

 Robert Swan, OBE

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We're Geevie and Sophia, twin sisters from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and we discovered the Zero Waste Movement back in 2017 during our freshmen year of college. 


We started college at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Savannah, Georgia. We were both interested in studying interior design at the time and knew absolutely nothing about sustainability. When we moved to Savannah, we were shocked to find ourselves in a city that lacked proper waste management. This wasn't something we regularly thought about, but compared to Minneapolis, Savannah had little-to-no recycling, no composting, and trash was literally scattered on the streets. Trash cans on campus were constantly overflowing.


We began getting involved with beach cleanups, campus organizations, petitions, and soon began bringing our own cups to the campus Starbucks to avoid adding another cup to the piles of garbage around us. We began doing research and found bloggers on instagram who avoided creating trash all together. The move to Savannah opened our eyes to current environmental issues and the global waste problem.

We discovered the zero-waste movement through social media and found bloggers who could literally fit years worth of personal garbage in a mason jar, bloggers who were making their own beauty and hygiene products, and bloggers who were educating others about the sustainable, ethical and health factors of a plant based diet. We were immediately inspired to begin pursuing a sustainable lifestyle after learning that many people live this way and learned how easy it is to reduce the waste we create every day just by making simple changes, and so the furious passion began!

When we first decided to change our lifestyles, we thought we had to plastic-proof our lives. This was very frustrating and was the product of misinformation from other zero-wasters. Many of us in this community share what seems to be a 100% zero-waste lifestyle, which can lead people through a difficult and frustrating transition. Plastic is a modern invention and, at times, cannot be avoided in our modern world and linear economy. So, as "influencers", we try to share our mistakes and mishaps to show that perfection and literal zero-waste living is impossible. Zero-waste doesn't literally mean "zero garbage", it's more about the goal. It's important to remember that it's okay to create garbage out of necessity and moderation. A zero-waste lifestyle, in short, is all about living consciously and avoiding single-use plastics by finding alternatives, if available, that help reduce the impact we have on the environment. That's why we often refer to our lifestyle as low-waste rather than zero-waste.

Our transition was long and somewhat frustrating (in the beginning) but we've had so much fun changing and growing throughout this journey. And we are still learning new things every day from this amazing and welcoming community!

So, we decided to document our journey and share easy habits and tips that can make a big difference. We hope to inspire others to change their wasteful ways for the good of the environment, mankind and everyone else that we share this planet with.

-Geevie & Sophia