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Our lip balms are handcrafted with the best natural, high quality ingredients to help repair and hydrate chapped lips. All our ingredients are 100% natural and are sustainably and ethically sourced.


Fun fact: Our lip balm tins are only $2 more than the same amount of Burt's Bee's lip balm. You also save $7 when you purchase one of our tins (1 ounce of lip balm) instead of purchasing 3 of our lip balm tubes (0.3 ounces per tube). So why not just settle for Burt’s Bee's and save the extra $2? Our lip balms are delicately handcrafted with love, made with only three key ingredients, are made using locally and ethically sourced beeswax, are packaged in biodegradable/ reusable packaging, are safe for you and the environment, AND you're supporting a small, woman owned business! Even better, one of our lip balm tins can last over three YEARS!


Our new lip balm tins also feature a screw-top lid and protect your lip balm from the elements!


Ingredients: local & cruelty-free beeswax, organic coconut oil, organic jojoba oil, organic peppermint essential oil (for peppermint lip balm option) 


Ingredient benefits:


beeswax: natural emulsifier, locks in moisture, healing, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, great for soothing eczema and rosacea


coconut oil: moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, healing, antimicrobial, gentle on sensitive skin


jojoba oil: a luxurious oil that is anti-inflammatory, rich in vitamins and minerals, ultra-moisturizing, gentle on sensitive skin, great for soothing eczema and rosacea


essential oil (in the peppermint lip balm): plant derived fragrance


When you use it all up, reuse the tin container to travel with jewelry, vitamins, or for you own DIY purposes!

lip balm tin

  • Our goal is to provide a sustainable option for typical store-bought plastic lip balm for those who are looking for an alternative. We use natural and compostable product labels made from all-natural, unbleached sugar cane paper with naturally occurring fibers, toned with compostable adhesive that are vegan and tree-free!

    Ounces: 1.0 oz

    Sizing: approx. 2.12" x 0.75" 

    Care: Keep in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight.

  • Why Beeswax?

    You may be curious to understand our reasoning behind the use of beeswax in our lip balms, considering we talk frequently about our plant-based lifestyles. Bees are an essential part of our ecosystem because they help pollinate the many fruit and vegetable crops we eat today. Unfortunately, bees have entered the endangered species list because of unsustainable bee farming, modern urbanization and pesticide use. Because of this, it's so important to support sustainable and ethical bee farming that focuses on the growth of bee populations in urban landscapes, healthy hives, and flourishing colonies.

    That's why we source our beeswax from a family-owned, Minnesota-based beekeeping farm called Bar Bell Ranch that is helping maintain existing bee populations and supporting the local environment and economy. They value sustainable bee keeping practices and help keep the bees healthy and happy and do not use pesticides.

    We are happy to support such a company that values the importance of the bee population and health as much as we do. Because no bees, equals no us.