Back by popular demand, our customer-favorite sandalwood deodorant is back! This deo has a deep earthy scent, with a mix of rich, woodsy, balsamic, soft, sweet, and floral accents. Sandalwood is often used as a base scent in many iconic perfumes and colognes. In short, you'll smell sexy. 


If you were one of our lovely customers who noticed our sandalwood deodorant disappear from our online shop, it's because we discontined it. Unfortunately, high quality sandalwood essential oil comes with a big price tag, and our small busienss couldn't afford to offer this scent at the same price as all our other deodorants. But we received so many emails that we had to bring it back! But for just $2 more. 


Our deo formula will leave your pits feeling fresh all day long, and is baking soda free, so say goodbye to rashes and irritation! It is the perfect plastic-free, effective, and clean alternative to conventional store-bought deodorant. Get to know your body and try a deodorant cream for a change! If the thought of scooping out deo cream with your finger just isn't your thing, we also offer bamboo spoons that can help!


Our 8oz jars are great for refills! One BULK REFILL JAR will refill a 2oz jar four times and lasts up to a year or more! If you're not ready for that kind of commitment, take things slow and try our 1oz Travel Mini!


(this is not an antiperspirant, but has been shown to reduce sweating in some people)


Ingredients: organic raw shea butter, organic coconut oil, organic arrowroot powder, magnesium hydroxide, organic essential oil blend of sandalwood and bergamot


Ingredient benefits:

shea butter: moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, healing, provides creamy texture

coconut oil: moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, healing, antimicrobial, balances the stickiness of shea butter and provides creamy texture

arrowroot powder: absorbs moisture and is a thickening agent

magnesium hydroxide: natural deodorizer, chemical free, and ultra-gentle for sensitive skin

essential oils: plant-derived scents and anti-bacterial


How to use: scoop a pea sized amount of deo with your finger (we recommend using the back of your finger nail or one of our bamboo spoons), rub in between finger tips and apply into armpits once or twice daily.


Tip: This deodorant contains coconut oil, which has a melting point of about 78 degrees Fahrenheit. So your deodorant may get a little melty if it's kept in a warm place, and will become solid in colder temperatures below 65 degrees Fahrenheit. When you receive it in the mail, if melty, give it a good mix with a chop stick or spoon and stick it in the fridge for 1-2 hours to re-solidify (let it return to room temp before using). If too solid, keep in a warm place away from windows, near a vent or in the bathroom. You can also microwave it for a few seconds to soften it!


Note: These jars have an infinite amount of uses! Using them for succulents or starting an avocado plant is a fun idea. But you can also use them for spices, your own DIY products, travel, jewelry, sauces, etc!

sandalwood deodorant cream

  • Our goal is to provide an effective and sustainable option for conventional store-bought deodorant for those who are looking for a plastic-free and natural alternative that works. We are also passionate about the use of natural ingredients and encourage others to ditch the chemicals and toxic ingredients in conventional deodorants that can cause health risks. 

    We use compostable labels made from all-natural and unbleached sugar cane paper with naturally occurring fibers made with compostable adhesive that is vegan and tree-free!


    1.0 oz, 2.0 oz, 4.0 oz, 8.0 oz

    Container sizing

    2.0 oz: approx. 2" x 2" (1.8" L without lid)

    4.0 oz: 2.75" L x 2.5" W (2.6" L without lid)


    Keep in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight in the summer or warm weather. Keep in a warm place during the winter, away from windows.

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