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Affordable, Zero-Waste Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Stockings are really easy to fill up with random, cheap junk you can find at the dollar store (usually coming in plastic) so we wanted to share some affordable things you can buy/make that have use, show you care, and won't harm the planet.

Now, some of these are similar to what is on the Zero/Low-Waste Holiday Gift Ideas blog post, but you'll find that the smaller an object, the better it goes into a stocking rather than wrapped. ;)

Some of these things you'll be able to find at your local co-op or health food store, but I've provided links to websites where you can find them online.

Here are some ideas:

1. Bulk candy

2. Plant-based washcloth (this is where I got mine)

3. Charcoal Water Filter

4. Homemade Lip Balm (and homemade other products)

5. Biodegradable Gum- Simply Gum

6. Biodegradable Floss- Dental Lace

7. Bamboo Cutlery

8. Essential Oils

9. Bar Soap

10. Reusable Cotton Rounds

11. Pela Case

12. Fountain Pen

13. Steel/Bamboo/Glass Straws

14. Candles

15. Sustainable Makeup/Beauty products (good brands are Elate, Maison Jacynthe, Urban Oreganics, Meow Meow Tweet)

16. Bee's Wrap

17. Jewelry

18. Homemade dessert in a jar

19. Giftcard

20. Bamboo Toothbrushes- Brush With Bamboo

21. Produce Bags

22. Cotton Hairties- Kooshoo

23. Menstrual Cup

24. Reusable Cotton Pads

25. Socks

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