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We recently changed our name to 'Sustain Yourself' from 'Sustainyoself'. We are still phasing out our old labels that say 'sustainyoself' on the front, and most of our wholesalers have products with that name still. Go to our 'locations' tab to see what shops/stores offer our products!

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ratings & reviews
If you've tried our products, let us know what you think! Your orders and reviews mean so much to us and make all of this so worth it! Thank you for supporting our small business!  -G & S

Steph Garcia

Grapefruit Deodorant Cream

THE SEARCH IS OVER! I've been using natural deodorant for about 5 years now and NONE have worked nearly as well as the one I purchased from Sustain Yourself. This deodorant is AMAZING! First of all, it's so creamy and smooth on my skin. A little goes a long way and I love that! I work out twice a day in the Arizona heat and this deodorant exceeded my expectations. I apply it once in the morning and (maybe) a little more right before my afternoon run. The citrusy smell of the grapefruit is beautiful and not overpowering at all. I'm so thankful to have found this company and for the sustainability Geevie and Sophia strive for. If you're considering switching your deodorant, you will not be disappointed when purchasing from these sisters! I'm a forever customer, thank you!!



Body Butter

LOVE THIS. I usually don't like putting lotion on but the consistency and smell of this product makes me excited to put it on everyday. I've tried both the unscented and eucalyptus scent and both are amazing :-)



Tinted lip balm

LOVE this tinted lip balm! It gives such a natural and beautiful color! I'm also very surprised as to how buildable it is. With one swipe I've got rosy lips!!! I was a little hesitant to put it on my cheeks because I have really sensitive skin and I know it contains coconut oil but I've had no issues with it! It makes me so look alive!! I seriously can't wait to get ready in the morning to put it on because I know it's a clean product that's safe for my skin. Buying one for all my girlfriends this coming Christmas!


Taylor Jensen

Sandalwood Deodorant

This stuff is life-changing. I moved my sister on the hottest day in August, in humid, muggy Minnesota, up and down three flights of stairs. Bed, dresser, everything. But at the end of it all, I smelled GREAT. Not a whiff of BO. And the best part is, I know it's good for me. I am never, ever going back to anything else!


Molly W

Lavender Body Butter

Absolutely love it! I have been waiting to write a review to test it out for a couple of weeks. I have been the type to be very stubborn about switching my lotion and my beauty products. However, I am so happy that I switched. The body butter has been great for post shower moisturizer! A little bit goes a long way! Like they have previously mentioned, it is different than your typical lotion. However, it absorbed into my skin super fast and it was softer than usual. It is great to know that my body is absorbing clean, all natural ingredients and cutting down on plastic use. Plus, love supporting a women-owned business!


Sydney M.

Rose deo!

Contrary to the review before this, I think the rose deo is wonderful!! I don't think however that one deodorant is going to work for everyone. We're all different! I first tried their grapefruit deo (which smells delicious) and I was so surprised how well it works! I often here that natural deodorant doesn't really work or that there's a transition period and that you need to do an armpit detox first? But I tried it without the detox after reading all their great reviews and it actually works!! That's a first for me. On my next order I tried their rose mini size (SO CUTE) and I LOVE the smell of roses so I later bought one of their jumbo sizes 😂 honestly the best deodorant I've ever tried and I love that it's from a small, woman owned business!!! Thank you!! Love your blog btw, so inspiring 😍


MaryAnne Meyer

Rose Geranium Sensitive Skin Deodorant

I have used the Lemon Lavender sensitive skin deodorant prior to this one and really liked it. Out of container I loved the smell- I didn’t enjoy the smell it left when mixing with my body however, it kind of smelled like rubber? It’s weird to describe. Not bad, just kind of like a ballon haha. Out of the package however for this jar- absolutely awful. It smells rancid. I’m not sure if there is just a defect with mine but I’m disappointed I’m stuck with a giant jar. I’d rather smell like a ballon than decay :(


Cindy Coreas

Natural deodorant and armpit detox

Amazing! I would always get rashes or irritation from normal deodorants and I am so happy I found an empowering sustainable shop to support! The armpit detox process is truly worth it. My armpits have zero irritation, smell great and feel so smooth. The grapefruit scent smells so good, I can't wait to try your other products!



Deodorant/Armpit detox

I was trying to make the switch to natural deodorant and with so many options it was overwhelming. My first attempt was a fail but then I came across Sustainyourself. At first I was hesitant because I’ve never used a cream deodorant (still getting use to it but this product is worth it). I’m so glad I did give it a try. The armpit detox really helped and the deodorant is long-lasting. Not only in effectiveness but in product amount. A little goes a long way. I workout 5 times a week and I don’t stink after hehe. I’ve found the one 😜 I’m looking forward to trying the other scents once I’m done with my current travel size jar. Thank you Sophia and Geevie for all the work you do 🙂


Mia Horwath

Body Butters are greasy!

About a month ago I purchased some body butters. I have used body butters before so I expected them to be greasy. A little after application they weren't as greasy so I got dressed. Unfortunately the butter so was greasy it left grease stains on my clothing. I don't know why this happened but just note there's a chance they will stain your clothing with those oil stains. I still love the product and they smell and feel really nice, but this is going to be a night time only butter where I put on my pajamas afterwards. I still love this small business and will continue to try their other products, but this one was a miss for me.


Avery Garrett

Rose/geranium deo

Buy it! This is seriously the best natural deodorant I have tried and I’ve tried every single big brand. I have extremely sensitive pits and this stuff makes them soft. Of course, it’s not antiperspirant so you’ll still swear (as you should). My girlfriend and I both use it daily, if not twice daily, and the 2 oz jar lasted us 3 months. Just bought the 8 oz jar! It’s that good!



Rose deodorant

Guys!!! I work at a u-pick blueberry farm 7 hours a day and am standing in 85 degree sun most of the time and by the end of my day, I’m sooo sweaty and sometimes sunburnt but my armpits DONT SMELL!!!! It’s magical.




This deodorant man... I cannot recommend it enough!! I've been following Geevie and Sophia on Instagram for years and kept hearing about all their raving reviews for their deodorant, so once I finally finished the one I was using I gave theirs a try and I'm SO HAPPY I DID. I had been searching for an effective plastic-free deodorant for YEARS ever since I started trying to go zerowaste. I always had a new one I was trying and none of them ever really worked for me or they just gave me really bad rashes. I seriously wish I could just go back in time and get my money back for all the other deodorants I've tried and just buy this one. The fact that they're a small, woman owned business (literally just them two) is the fucking cherry on top. I will forever support!


Nicole Camacho

Deodorant and Armpit detox

LOVE THIS SO MUCH! I bought the deodorant first and it didn't work as much as I wanted to, but then when I tried the detox I was in shock. They work together so perfectly, a duo you need when switching for natural deo. I don't stink at all, considering the intensive amount of heat and humidity in Puerto Rico. The grapefruit scent is my favorite. 100% recommended.



Best. Deodorant. Ever.

It sounds like the typical cliche success story but I have tried almost every natural deodorant out there and nothing ever worked. I also have very sensitive underarms and can't use products with baking soda. As I started transitioning to zero waste, I decided to purchase the grapefruit bergamot deodorant from Zero Waste Store. I can't get over how effective it is. It does not irritate my underarms, smells nice (but not overpowering) and truly keeps body odor at bay. The other day, I went for a 3 mile run in 85 degree heat, and was drenched in sweat but my underarms were still smelling fresh. I am hooked and always get excited to apply the deodorant because I'm so grateful I finally found something that is both effective and in alignment with my values. Thank you so much!


Alli Umhoefer


Can’t get enough of this deodorant. I just finished up my 4 oz. grapefruit bergamot deo after a little over 5 months and its by far the best I’ve used. First, it’s such an amazing scent, fresh and sophisticated. Second, I have noticed that I barely sweat, if at all, when I use it! I just received the lemon/lavender deo and it literally smells like SUMMER. I love that the lemon scent isn’t sweet, and the lavender brings a fresh/ earthy component to it. Can’t wait to try more products! :)


Tracy Anne Walsh

Tinted Lip Balm

I love this product so much that I want to give it to everyone I know!!!!!! It is perfect! I found it because I wanted a lip stain that would have healthy ingredients, be a good color, be moisturizing and long wearing, keep its color AND not come in a plastic tube... This does it all! I LOVE this product. The price is right, there is no weird taste or smell, it's small batch and US made and it's a small, women owned business.


Lauren Faulk

Lemon Lavendar Deo

O B S E S S E D!!!! I started with the grapefruit bergamot deodorant paste, but grapefruit isn't my personal favorite scent so when I would sweat I didn't enjoy it. I also live in the south so it didnt cover BO without being applied at least 2 times. BUT the lemon lavender scent is magical! I L O V E the smell and I havent had to reapply even during the 80+ degree days (might have to apply twice during the 90+ degree summer days). 10/10. I can't wait to try the sandalwood scent!



Grapefruit deodorant

This deodorant is amazing! I purchased this as well as the armpit detox since I was switching from a chemical deodorant. This is the first time a deodorant hasnt given me a rash or any irritation! And to top it off, I dont smell as much as what I used to when using a non natural deodorant!


Bailey White


I heard about the products from a friend and placed an order - that night I had to cancel the order, and they got back to me within an hour with a full refund! While I obviously didn't end up using the product, that customer service deserves five stars all on it's own!

Conscious living starts with small lifestyle changes. We decided to start this small business to provide safe, natural and environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional self-care products that pollute the earth and our bodies. All of our products are packed in either biodegradable, recyclable or reusable packaging and put the environment and your health first. Click on a product to learn more about our sustainable practices!

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I received the package last week and I am OBSESSED!!! I’ve been using a diy deo that has worked overall and was a much better alternative than conventional deo, but it still left me with a bit of odor at times so I had to freshen up at least once a day depending on what I was doing each day. I’m completely amazed at how I don’t smell whatsoever with your deo!!! I’m so self conscious about my odor and am constantly checking to make sure I don’t stink and I haven’t had to do that since using your deo for a few days now. Tbh I just check a few times a day bc I’m like “holy cow, is this real!?” Thank you so much for this amazing product!! I have yet to try the rose one but it smells incredible so I’m sure it’ll work just as well! Also, completely love the tinted lip balm!! Feels so good to have a new go-to lip tint that’s nontoxic! Oh, and thank you for adding the peppermint lip balm, it’s just as amazing!!

-Perla Valdez Gómez



I decided to replace my deodorant with a more natural and eco friendly option and came along your formula. I was skeptical because all my life I have been battling to find the right deodorant for me. I've always had a problem with a strong odor and my deodorants wouldn't last that long, it was very hard for me because I was always self conscious about my body odor. I tried the no scent natural deodorant for sensitive skin along with a vegan armpit detox and it has been life changing. It lasts more than 24hours, I don't sweat as much and I no longer feel self conscious about my body odor. It's such an amazing formula: a little goes a long way, it's creamy and soft, hydrates my armpits and doesn't irritate the skin. Thank you so much for creating this formula. 

-Gabriela Medina



The best body butter I've had! Great ingredients, great sustainable shop, supporting a woman business. Thank you so much @sustainyourselfshop.

-Sarahi Serrano 



I want to say I'm in love with the deodorant!! For the first time ever, I like that it's in glass, I love that kind of whipped texture and omggg the smell!!! Easy to apply, of course I sweat, but it doesn't block it which is good, it also doesn't smell all over me like a perfume. For real, the best I've tried so far! My armpits thank you a lot! Much love your way.




Your unscented deo [thumbs up, clapping emoji]

My mom has sensitive skin, and she's allergic to fragrances, so deodorant has been a STRUGGLE [lauhging emoji]. I've always been helping her finish does that give her a reaction or don't work, so I ordered this one for her and it's AWESOME, thank you so much! My mom was super pumped to see it at eastside [co-op] now too!

-an instagram user



I've been using your deo for about a week now and I didn't think deodorant would make me feel this giddy but it does! I'm excited to wake up in the morning. When I ran out of my old plastic deo I ordered this immediately and then just didn't wear any deodorant at all while I was waiting for it to arrive in the mail (~4-5 days) so I didn't do an armpit detox but I haven't had any issues at all. It lasts all day and smells amazing (and I work at a super sweaty, gross smelling summer job). It's a little miracle in a jar. I wish everyone would have this!!

-@g.rose on Instagram





I'm in love with my new deodorant from you guys too! I got the 2oz jar and already know it's going to last a while which is AMAZING! As soon as I'm out I'm messaging you guys for a refill. It literally smells amazing, works incredibly well with my sensitive skin, and I LOVE that it doesn't hurt any animals or the planet!! Xoxo






I absolutely LOVE mine!!! It smells so lovely and now I can't live without it - and i've tried every single sensitive skin natural deo! 






I LOVE it!! definitely needed the detox to get my armpits used to not using [toxic] chemcials, but it's working so well now! works all day in all sorts of summer activities :) i've recommended it to a bunch of friends who are trying to be more sustainable!!

-Giselle Durand





Okay so I don't usually write reviews but WOW! Y'all have out done yoselvessss!! This deodorant is amazing. I've been struggling for soooo long with extreme sweating which in return, cuases my armpits to smell all the time!! I used to have to use store-bought deodorant 5-10 times a day and still smell. With your deodorant, I will use a tiny pea sized amount like y'all said, and go to hot yoga classes, the beahc, play soccer and my armpits still smell hella fresh!!!! And it's zero waste!!! And I repeat, WOW! Thank you so much. I love it so much and I'm probably gonna go order more for my mom after she tries it. Thank you again. Y'all are wonderful. Oh, and I forgot to review the tinted lip balm. Perfect shade, lasts for-fuckin-ever (literally though, I come out of my hot yoga classes looking bomb), and it's zero waste!!

Thank you and have a great day!!






I usually don't leave reviews, but your deodorant is too incredible to pass up. I've been struggling with sweaty pits for years, and would always notice a slight smell, even with strong-scented antipersirants. After realizing the awful items in those deodorants, I swithced to yours, and let me say...IT IS A MIRACLE. From the moment I put it on in the morning to at night, I am stink-free AND have noticed I am sweating a lot less than I used to! Not to mention, it smells so good and is the perfect consistency. I wish all stores sold this stuff!

-from an instagram user





Bruh, this deodorant. GAME CHANGER. As with every review, I have used so many natural deodorants that either don't work or smell disgusting on top of my own funk. Yours not only works so well I can skip a day and still smell amazing but I only need ONE application to last me 2 days. What?!
I even use it on my feet because cloth soled sandals are the devil and want me to suffer. Bless you ladies for making something that actually works and is affordable AND zero waste. Just amaze.
It's amazing. Although my boyfriend would appreciate if I stopped putting my armpits in his face yelling, "Legit there's no smell! I promise!" 






I've been using this deodorant + an underarm detox from No Tox Life for about a week and I'm absolutely in love!! No irritation (and lemme tell you I've gotten some nasty rashes from other natural deodorants), my armpits don't smell, even AFTER working a 9-5 and walking around in 90+ degree miami heat.





I must say I am in love! It is amazing, smells wonderful and works like a charm! The natural deodorants I've tried before left me with a nasty rash (I blame the baking soda) but this one leaves me moisturized!




Such a naturally flushed, pretty look. It comes in sustainable packaging, made with natural ingredients and is the product of a woman-owned small business. Win win win!






I am absolutely in LOVE with this all natural, sensitive skin deodorant from sustain yourself :) :) :) 

I react to baking soda that is commonly used in natural deodorant and I've had a rough time finding a BS free version that actually worked! Enter this amazing concoction from these amazing fellow Minnesotans and I am hooked!




Shout out to sustainyourself lipstick for keeping our lips so soft, hydrated and for its packaging!!! You guys are really caring about the world :) thanks!!! Please make the tint one again because I will be getting it too!!




Shout out to sustain yourself lipstick for keeping our lips so soft, hydrated and for its packaging!!! You guys are really caring about the world :) thanks!!! Please make the tint one again because I will be getting it too!!






Ran out of my usual natural deodorant and decided to finally try out the well-loved all-natural homemade cream deodorant from sustain yourself. After a full day of use I have to say I love it!! The texture reminds me of soufflé & it kept me odor-free and fresh through a long work day!






Amazing color. I was hesitant about getting this but finally decided to order one and boy am I glad I did! This is by far the prettiest color I've ever had on my lips. I love how subtle it is but it's easily buildable if you want a more intense color. Also the fact that it doubles as a cheek stain is perfect. I've been trying to simplify and detox my makeup routine and this is my favorite piece so far!!





Never thought I'd see the day! :)

THE ONLY DEODORANT THAT HAS EVER DONE ITS JOB! I have tried every brand in stores CVS, whole foods, natural remedies and no success till this lovely <3 <3 <3 it's a must buy! Feels amazing to be hard at work in a hot kitchen cookin and cleaning for 10 hours and not have any stinky pits by sun down ugh so happy about this product! 5 stars for getting the job done! 6th star for being zero waste! 7th star for being natural and safe for the human body, beyond pleased.






Deodorant reacts different to everyone based on diet and other factors but I can say I am a very sweaty and stinky individual and I just bought 2 more of these because other zero waste options don't even come close not to mention this has been better overall than any deodorant I've bought ever. Treat yo self!






I have only been using this deodorant but it is now my favorite natural deodorant by far! Thank you so much!

-Lauren Beaubien





Okay this tinted lip balm is the BOMB. I also used a bit on my cheeks for a little color. Bless Sustain Yourself and their sustainable packaging and awesome products.

-Sophia Braun





Okay so I tried the deodorant today & feel the need to tell y'all I loooooove this formula! Goes on super smooth & creamy, the other deodorant I've been using doesn't go on so smooth :-) defo will be either repurchasing when I finish or attempting my own LOL!!






The deodorant has been a life saver! 

After a good detox my lymph nodes healed and I started using it. Don't even have to put it on ever day. No stank, no redness, no pain.

-@brewheads on Instagram




I have lovedddddd your deodorants. I've tried so many natural deodorants that haven't worked at all and still use a ton of plastic. I love this deo and it has worked so well. I also don't mind when it gets a little melty because it's super easy to apply ha.

-Sophia Braun





I have been so happy with my deodorant and lip balm!! The deodorant has survived long weekdays and weekends as a college student, which is better than any deodorant I've used! I apply once or twice daily and I'm set for active days, late nights, sweaty lecture halls, etc. I also don't mind when it's a little melty because it's easier to apply! The lip balm tube is also so convenient for taking to class. I've gotten so many compliments on the tube! Thank you for two of my favorite new products!

-Justice Hadley





I received my Sustainyoself deodorant about a week ago. I love it, it smells amazing and is packed full so I think its going to last me a long time! Oh yeah and it works!

-@huckleberrysfavoritelwproducts on Instagram





I am so excited! I've been looking for a natural deodorant for a while and stumbled across Sustainyoself I am so excited to try this, it smells amazing and omg the packaging is so perfect and Biodegradable! How awesome is this! Go check them out and order yours! They also have amazing customer service Super sweet! So excited to use this!


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